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Olivier Doubiani

Olivier Doubiani

Data Scientist / Data Engineer consultant

39 years old
Driving License
RUEIL MALMAISON (92500) France
Consultant Open to opportunities
Engineer in Medical Informatics and Big Data.
Multi-skills: Statistics, Computer Science and Biology and Data Sciences / Data Engineering

Machine Learning


January 2019 to 2020
1- Define your learning strategy!
2- Design an application at the service of public health
3- Anticipate the electricity consumption needs of buildings
4- Segment customers of an e-commerce site
5- Categorize questions automatically
6- Classify images using Deep Learning algorithms
7- Develop a proof of concept (internship option)
8- Participate in a Kaggle competition!

MSc in Data Engineering

DSTI Institute

October 2018 to June 2019
Data Science
Applied Mathematics for Data Science (25hrs)
– Calculus – Differentiation – Trigonometry & Complex Numbers
Foundations of Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning (25hrs)
– Probabilities and distribution – Descriptive Statistics – Introduction to Inference
Big Data Processing (25hrs)
Statistical Analysis of Massive and High-dimensional Data (25hrs)
Deep Learning on GPU with pyTorch (25hrs)
Recurrent Neural Networks – LSTM – Residual Networks
IT Fundamentals
Computer Systems (25hrs)
Computer Architecture – Operating Systems & Vistualisation – Networking – Storage
Cloud Computing – Amazon AWS (50 hrs)
Preparation to AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification – Comparative overview of Microsoft Azure
Cloud Computing – Microsoft Azure (25 hrs)
Comparative overview with Amazon AWS on core services (Networking, Compute, Storage, Database) & focus on Azure“Data Managed Services” (chiefly Azure Machine Learning Studio, Cognitive Services, Data Lake, Databricks, Stream Analytics)
Semantic Web technologies for Data Science developments (25 hrs)
Representing and querying web-rich data (RDF, SPARQL), Introducing Semantics in Data (RDFS, Ontologies), Tracing and following data history (VOiD, DCAT, PROV-O)
Data management
Advanced SQL for Data Wrangling (25 hrs)
Complex joins & subqueries, stored procedures & triggers

Relational Databases Management Systems (25 hrs)
Using MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server: stand-alone and cluster deployments, integration in software, ETL, persistence frameworks

NoSQL databases (25 hrs)
Key-value store, Document store, Graph database , hybrid approaches with Apache Cassandra

The Hadoop & Spark Ecosystem (50 hrs)
HDFS, scheduling & resources management – Workflow management & ETL, Dataflow management, Scalable Enterprise Serial Bus – Realtime processing, Machine Learning, Data Exploration & Visualisation

Data Pipeline (25 hrs)
XML dataflow, DTD & Schemas, XLS Transformation, JSON & Transformations – Cloud-based solutions with Glue in AWS & AWS Kinesis – Open-source solutions with Apache Kafka & Beam

MSc in Applied Data Science & Big Data

DSTI Institute

October 2017 to October 2018
Core Data Science & Artificial Intelligence – 150hrs (9 ECTS)
Applied Mathematics (1 ECTS)
Calculus – Linear Algebra – Trigonometry & Complex Numbers
Continuous Optimisation (1 ECTS)
Critical points – multiple variables function optimisation – gradient methods – constraint-based optimisation with Lagrange Multipliers
Foundations of Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning Part I & II (2 ECTS)
Probabilities & distribution – tests – inference – regression – clustering
Artificial Neural Networks (1 ECTS)
Data representation & distributed representations – universal interpretation theorem – probabilistic interpretation – backpropagation & stochastic gradient descent
“The SAS Ecosystem DSTI Chair” (3 ECTS)
Preparation for SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner 14: SAS/Base & SAS/STAT
Time-Series Analysis using SAS (1 ECTS)
Forecasting using SAS Software: a programming approach (SAS/ETS)
Core Data Engineering – 250hrs (9 ECTS)
Software Engineering (2 ECTS)
Classical design & programming – object-oriented design & programming

Data Wrangling with SQL (1 ECTS)
Advanced SQL queries – dynamic SQL – stored procedures & triggers

Amazon AWS “Cloud-Computing DSTI Chair” (3 ECTS)
Preparation for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The Hadoop & Spark Ecosystem (3 ECTS)
HDFS – scheduling & resources management – workflow management & ETL – dataflow management – scalable enterprise serial bus – real time processing – machine learning – data exploration & visualization

Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence - 150hrs (10 ECTS)
Deep Learning with Python (2 ECTS)
Introduction to PyTorch – deep learning – neural architectures & their applications – neural network training on a GPU (practice)

Advanced Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning (2 ECTS)
CART & random forests & applications to MapReduce – features selection & engineering – models comparison & competition

Survival Analysis using R (2 ECTS)
Probabilistic description of survival data – parametric / non-parametric / semi-parametric (Cox model) statistical methods – Applications to Big Data with penalised Cox regression

Discrete Optimisation (2 ECTS)
Graph-based modelling & algorithms

Agent-Based Modeling for Population Behaviour (1 ECTS)
Modelling objectives – model types – matching modelling approaches to studies objectives – ODD protocol – ABM objectives & components

Semantic Web for Data Science (1 ECTS)
Representing & querying web-rich data (RDF, SPARQL) – introducing semantics in data (RDFS, ontologies) – tracing & following data history (VOiD, DCAT, PROV-O)

Management, Ethics & Law – 50hrs (2 ECTS)
Data Regulations MEL1 (1 ECTS)
Data ownership and protection laws and regulation: Private Data – Corporate Data – EU Data Protection Act, GDPR, US-EU Data Transfers regulations
Project Management MEL2 (1 ECTS)
Project Management: PMP-PMI and Agile Approaches: PMBOK (PMI) – Agile Approaches – Kanban
Details and Extracurriculars
  • BAC +6

IUP Physiology and Informatics

Poitiers University

September 2005 to September 2008
MASTER II (DESS) Double Skills Informatics and Biotechnology

Cellular and Molecular Biology Bachelor

Orléans University

September 2001 to 2005

Associate's Degree

Orléans University

June 2003 to September 2004
DUT Informatics

Associate's Degree

Perpignan University (Carcassonne Antenna)

June 1999 to September 2001
IUT Statistics and Computer treatment of Data