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Olivier Doubiani

Olivier Doubiani

Data Scientist / Data Engineer consultant

39 years old
Driving License
RUEIL MALMAISON (92500) France
Consultant Open to opportunities
Engineer in Medical Informatics and Big Data.
Multi-skills: Statistics, Computer Science and Biology and Data Sciences / Data Engineering
  • Optimization of Algorithms
    Sorting and Searching, Trees and Graph Algorithm, Greedy, Divide-and-Conquer, Back Tracking and Dynamic Programming.
  • IT Project Management PMI-PMP
    PMP – PMI & Agile Approaches.
  • Legal knowledge of the GDPR law
    GDPR, US-EU Data Transfers Regulations.
  • Time series analysis
    Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA Analysis, Survival Analysis, Linear Regression, Cross Validation, Hierarchical Clustering
  • Selections of Predictive Models
    Subset, Shrinkage - Ridge&Lasso, Dimension Reduction with PCA and Paritial Least Square.
  • Classification and Regressions Trees / Random Forest
    CART, Bagging, Random Forest, Boosting Support Vector Machine
  • Artificial Neural Network & Deep Learning
    Data representation, Probabilistic interpretation, backpropagation
  • Data Wrangling backed with MS SQL
    Advanced SQL queries and .Net for complex ETL, dynamic reporting
  • Semantic Web technologies for Data
  • Learn to pronounce Dynamic systems
    Causal loop diagrams, Chaos Theory
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Suite and SAS Modeling
  • Data Science Methodology Certification
  • Python, R,Java, ADA, C/C++, Javascript, SQL, PL/SQL
  • SAS, BO, Talend,Oracle, SQL Serveur, GED, VMWare, Jira, Hematos, Hemobank
  • English: Fluent (TOEIC : 850)
  • Spanish : Notions
  • Arabic : Good Notions
  • French : Native